• image1 We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. - Sidharta Guatama
  • image2 You are not a pawn in the chess game of life. You are the mover of the pieces. - White Eagle
  • image3 The Soul always knows what is needed to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. - Caroline Myss

Chakra Frequency Details



In recent years many Therapists, Healers and Practitioners have become more and more aware that the energetic frequencies of the Human Chakras are increasing and changing ~ thus affecting the 'colors' being perceived. This is now understood to be as a result of the rapid and ongoing shifts in consciousness created by the current planetary Ascension and Awakening processes. As our Mother Earth is going through the Ascension process,  so are we, as individual energy beings ~ We are experiencing these shifts internally and externally ~  both individually, and collectively.  Our own awakening is unfolding rapidly, and this is apparent in the rapid changes and challenges we are encountering in our day to day lives, and also the very visible and challenging events we see playing out around our planet.   It is clear this is affecting the collective consciousness AND each individuals consciousness.

As we move into this new energy we are each being confronted with and undergoing huge shifts and clearings of old issues, patterns, and understandings. It is apparent that our usual coping mechanisms, rationalizations and maybe even excuses are no longer allowing us to 'dodge' the issues. There are feelings of confusion, ~ of `What is my purpose ?` ~ of being abandoned,~  of overwhelm and of ~ "This is not how it was meant to be".  This is because we are unknowingly trying to exist in both realities, in the new higher frequencies  and in the old energy frequencies. 

In this workshop, working with the `Colour Mirrors` bottles and information, you will be given a clear understanding of the NEW vs the TRADITIONAL Chakra frequencies. We will examine and work with the 8 Spiritual Truths and uncover where we are still `stuck`, or,  we may uncover as yet unrealized areas of self-sabotage. Using colour frequencies, visualization and intention we will clear old and stuck chakra issues, and allow you to consciously engage with and embody these new chakra frequencies. This then assists in your understanding of, and your ability to deal with life issues as they present for you on your journey.

As an energy therapist or practitioner this deeper understanding and use of colour  will empower you to enhance your skills  ability to more easily access your clients` own areas of challenge and 'stuck-ness'  and so support their own journey into the new frequencies. 

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