• image1 We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. - Sidharta Guatama
  • image2 You are not a pawn in the chess game of life. You are the mover of the pieces. - White Eagle
  • image3 The Soul always knows what is needed to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. - Caroline Myss


The following gives a brief synopsis overview of the areas covered on each course.

Mer-Ka-Ba Lightbody activation. Anne will use the meditation and technique as taught in by Drunval Melchizadek. The workshop is one full day. Course notes and CD supplied. Cost $125.00.

date; T.B.A.. Venue; For Heavens Sake Bookstore. 4900 West 46th Ave. Denver 80212. tel;303 9649339.



      Anne Clark-Caya from Life Light Works is going to be offering a series of workshops at For Heavens Sake lasting 3 hours each, on various Alternative and Metaphysical topics . Each afternoon you will learn about the particular subject, getting information, tools and techniques to work with each subject in order to step back into your life more empowered. All course notes and materials will be supplied. Come along and share a fun and uplifting few hours with Anne. Read on for an overview of each topic.     



Vision Boards

In the Beginning

Travelling the Path

Climbing the Mountain

Introduction to Crystals

Your Aura & Chakras

Sacred Geometry


Have you ever created a Vision Board for yourself?



Space limited, Booking essential

$50.00 p.p.

Date: Sunday 21st February 1pm - 5pn

SHEN Healing Center, Castle Rock

Vision Boards are a fun and informative way to allow your guides and angels to help you set intentions and purpose for your life going forward.

If you have a birthday  within a few weeks either side of this workshop it is a great time to make a Vision Board -- as this is the time of YOUR personal ``new year`` .

Come and play with Anne, creating your own VISION and we will interpret them together at the end of the session.

Course materials supplied

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Firm Foundations



5 evenings over 5 weeks

$160.00 p.p. 

Course notes provided

Dates and venue T.B.A.

Introduction to Meditative practices. Different methods and types

Physiological effects and benefits of regular practise

The use of breathing techniques for focus, relaxation and de-stressing

Recognising your own stress triggers and how to neutralize them

Harnessing your ability to manifest what you want

Understanding and working with your Aura and Chakra system

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Clearing Consciousness



5 evenings over 5 weeks

$180.00. p.p.

Dates and venue T.B.A.

Creating auric protection, working with the aura for self healing and wellbeing

Recognising your self-sabotage, and changing these patterns

Improving and healing relationships. Breaking  old ties and energetic hooks

Develop and enhance intuition and higher awareness

"Looking in the mirror" --- exercises in reflection

Your Angels and Masters

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Spirit in practice



5 evenings over 5 weeks

$200.00 p.p.

Dates and venue T.B.A.

"Give me a sign" Utilizing tools for receiving messages

Really living in the present

Energy clearing and healing for yourself and others

Basics of Sacred Geometry. Everything is One

Understanding your Lightbody and MerKaBa

Knowing your Higher Self, Angels, and opening communication

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Learn about crystal energy and purposes.



Space limited to 6 people

$33 p.p.

Dates T.B.A.

For Heavens Sake

  Each different type of crystals hold their own unique vibrational energy.

Get to know which crystals to use for different purposes to enhance your life, home and even business.

 Use them to clear and energize yourself and your space, and also assist in your path to a healthier lifestyle.

  Did you know that the ancient Greeks would line their goblets with amethyst as it is a detoxifier, and they believed that it reduced the side effects of drinking alcohol.

 Join me for a fun afternoon. Course notes supplied.

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Learn about the different Auric layers and their purposes



Space limited to 6 people

$33 p.p.

Dates T.B.A.

For Heavens Sake

 Spend an afternoon with Anne getting to understand the layers and energies held in your personal Auric space and Chakra system.

 Feel the energies for yourself, and learn the methods to clear and energize your own Aura in order to release blockages you have taken on. 

 Empower yourself for a more positive and energetic lifestyle.

 Course materials supplied

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Sacred Geometry is understood to be the building blocks of the universe!



Space limited to 6 people

$33 p.p.

Dates T.B.A.

For Heavens Sake

Philosophers and Scientists recognize that the entire fabric of our lives are based on 5 + 2 Sacred Forms.

The 5 platonic Solids, the Tube Taurus, and the Golden Mean Spiral are the basis of everything we know and experience.

Anne will share some of her knowledge of this complex topic with you.

A significant shift happens in your brain when you engage with this information as it causes increased synapse communication within the left and right hemispheres of your brain. It will only be possible to cover the beginnings of this deep and wonderful information in this workshop, but it will allow you to engage with a deeper level of Sacred Understandings.

Course notes and materials supplied.

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